Cool chintz


Benton in 3-D


Stickwork turns 1

When artist Patrick Dougherty and a group volunteers created Stickwork on the lawn of our historic Crowninshield-Bentley House one year ago, passers by tried to guess what the structure most …


Thinking about ‘The Thinker’

“This awful Thinker: seen from his left, he looks like a bird of prey contented with the vengeance he has meted out to the vile of the earth; a composition …


Recreating Rodin

I’m standing at the end of a driveway in Jamaica Plain in Boston getting ready to run for my life, just in case.  Foundry artist and instructor Benjamin Todd has …

Mantle with shells detail2

Shell shocked

Eliza’s room faces East and overlooks a corner of the garden. In the morning the small bedroom catches and magnifies sunlight spectacularly. The dresser mirror, starched white bed linens and …

North Bennett School working on the Lye-Tapley Shoe Shop. Photo by Allison White.

Reconstructing the windows of history

The window sash restoration portion of the Preservation Carpentry curriculum at The North Bennet Street School has felt like a culmination of every skill I’ve learned since starting the program …


Discovering Liang and Lin

This recent trip to Massachusetts was about self-discovery and learning about my family’s past. Ever since I saw the documentary made by CCTV in 2010 about my great-grandparents, Sicheng Liang …

Pieter Claesz. Still Life with Peacock Pie, 1627. Oil on panel. National Gallery of Art, Washington, The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund. Courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Feasting the senses

by Claudia Swan As an art historian specialized in art of the Golden Age, I spend a lot of time thinking about the sense of sight. The exhibition Asia in Amsterdam encourages …

Curator John Coffey seated where Childe Hassam painted Isles of Shoals (Goodnight Collection) in 1906. Duck Island lies on the horizon.

Seeing What the Artist Saw

by John Coffey Museum exhibitions often begin with a question or puzzle. Almost five years ago, I was researching three paintings by Childe Hassam, all promised gifts to the NCMA from …

The exit of Asia in Amsterdam on view at PEM through June 5. Photo by Nikki Vergakes,

PEM’s Golden Age

By Sandy Sheckman Just as you exit Asia in Amsterdam: The Culture of Luxury in the Golden Age, you are asked to consider what might be the next big thing.  As …