Cool chintz


Benton in 3-D


A library dinner party

By Sarah Jennette After cataloging a batch of community cookbooks several weeks ago, I immediately started to come up with ideas on how to feature them on our blog. Instead …


Experimental theater

By Brandon Quach, PR Intern The intricacies and wonder of theater and stage production can be intimidating for some. With so much content out in the world, how does someone …


Patricia Michaels now

As a child, Patricia Michaels would go to the public library in Santa Fe, New Mexico and look at art books filled with pictures of Native American objects. She noted …


Not just any zoo

By Sandy Sheckman When school-age guests visit Yin Yu Tang, our cherished 200+plus-year-old house at PEM, the first thing they do is run to the two pools, symmetrically located in …


What does the font say?

By Susanna Baird What are you looking at? Right here, right now. What do you see? Words, made up of letters. But what kind of letters? Serif or sans? Bold? …

By Huang Rui

Tracing back to China

By Tom Paine The CCTV (China Central Television) film crew working with award-winning director Gu Jun on the forthcoming Chinese documentary Maritime Silk Road  found its way to PEM because …

Kimon Kirk photo by Liz Linder

Music lounge at the Imagine Gala

  PEM Imagine Gala goers are in for a music performance to remember.  Boston-based producer and musician Kimon Kirk conceptualized a music lounge experience complete with the musical prowess of …


Photo treasures from China

By Tingting Xu Thirty-nine boxes of photographs of China in the Phillips Library’s Ward Collection, with a total of 1,475 black-and-white silver gelatin prints (3.25 x 5 inches) are now …


Exploring a historic panorama

The world’s second tallest tower is soon to officially open in Shanghai, and with it, a sky-bound branch of China’s Guanfu Museum. To celebrate, several departments at PEM have been …