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Benton in 3-D

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Fish, museums and neuroscience

  I’ve recently found myself a fish out of water, a neuroscientist working in an art museum. Before you run down the avenue of assumption, let me clarify that I …


Getting there is half the fun

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr may be the stars of the classic move An Affair to Remember, but the luxury ocean liner that brought the couple together in the middle …


Magda at Montserrat

By Jo Broderick I’ve been at Montserrat College of Art for nearly three decades and always get excited this time of year – for spring, for graduation and to see …


Brain matters

Museums excel at providing stimulating visual, intellectual and emotional experiences. But do we really know what’s going on inside the visitor’s mind? If we did, could we design even more …


PEM in Cuba

Earlier this month, we traveled to Cuba with a group of PEM friends and supporters. Our journey was initially inspired by the sculptures we commissioned from Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons. Our …


PEMcast 010: Immersive experiences

We’ve been noticing here at PEM and in the greater art world that the “i” word keeps popping up. Today we bring you the first in a series of PEMcast …


The Salon: fostering a creative ecosystem

“Tonight is a celebration of creativity–the powerful and positive force we all share.  We’re here to unite Boston artists and all of us who appreciate the impact of the arts …


Workroom full of WOW

I first saw WOW World of WearableArt at the EMP museum in Seattle. I was blown away by the imagination and creativity of the works. It was a sensory overload …


Raising the Queen Elizabeth

A model of the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth has sat serenely for the last 15 years, gliding along on its pedestal in a PEM gallery. The 2,700 pound object experienced …