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Benton in 3-D


PEMcast 006: Getting outside

I swear, in the months leading up to the release of this episode of the PEMcast, which we’re calling Getting Outside, we had no idea that temperatures would reach 60 …

Alchemy of the Soul, Elixir for the Spirits [unit 1], 2015. Peabody Essex Museum. © 2016 Peabody Essex Museum. Photo by Peter Vanderwarker.

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons and her early life in Cuba

For Alchemy of the Soul: Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, PEM presents a newly launched in-depth interactive digital publication to complement the exhibition and accompanying print catalogue. The digital publication offers a …

An exemplary combination of new fashion trends and Native style in the Native Fashion Now exhibition.

Apropos of appropriation

By Sandy Sheckman As a tour guide with a few years under my belt, I have had the opportunity to listen to Karen Kramer, curator of Native American and Oceanic …

A freight elevator transports you up to 'Alchemy of the Soul'.

Found in translation

Perched on sugar sacks and leaning against the metal walls, a small group of us are riding up the museum’s freight elevator. It’s a space that’s been creatively re-imagined as …

Logbook of the Elizabeth Leavitt, traveling to Havana from Boston, 1858. - See more at: http://www.pem.org/library/blog/?p=8649#sthash.oV4eqH80.dpuf


When my fellow librarians and I became aware of this month’s theme for PEM/PM, we knew right away that the Phillips Library collections needed to be a part of it.  …


Celebrating a Native movement

By Jessica Metcalfe I think it’s fair to say that, when we look at Native fashion, we are experiencing an ‘Indigenous spring’ moment: for lack of a better phrase, it’s …

Rum bottle, before 1830, B.W. Stone Distillery, Charter Street, Salem, Massachusetts, glass, Peabody Essex Museum. Photo by Kathy Tarantola/PEM

Collected Alchemy

“With Alchemy of the Soul, Elixir for the Spirits, we breathe the scents, we hear the echoes, we see visions of Cuba past and present.” The latest exhibition to open …


History and anarchy

Why do historic house tours always include a table covered in the finest dishes and perfectly made beds? Why are they the quietest places on Earth, even though many, many …

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A year of making

As we begin 2016, we thought it fitting to recount some of our favorite Maker Lounge moments from 2015. Look for future posts where we’ll share cool maker tips, tricks …