Benton in 3-D

"A Waltz in the Woods." Courtesy photo.
"A Waltz in the Woods." Courtesy photo.
A guide to Yin Yu Tang in braille is available for PEM visitors with low vision. Photo by Kathy Tarantola.
A guide to Yin Yu Tang in braille is available for PEM visitors with low vision. Photo by Kathy Tarantola.

Reflecting on summer at PEM

I have been back in Tucson for about 60 hours now. My travel day was intense — probably more stressful than the original road trip to the East Coast. Operating …


Staff profile: Corbett Sparks

By Evan J. Berkowitz “We loved crayons,” Corbett Sparks remembers with a nervous laugh. “When we were young and very, very poor, it was always a big, big treat when …


Museum Hack interviews Ed

Museum Hack aims to reinvent museum engagement with their “unconventional” museum tours that include yoga breaks, games and stories. They take what they learn and consult for some of the …


Benton painting Native Americans

The following is a condensed and edited conversation that took place inside the galleries of PEM’s American Epics: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood exhibition Thursday, August 6 with PEM’s Curator …

The Garden in Its Glory, 1892

Island gardener

I have always been interested in strong, female artists.  I admire their tenacity to create, regardless of obstacles they may face.  Every time I purchase a new car I name …

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Telling tribal stories

Having a camera follow your every move can be a bit intimidating. In the beginning, you find yourself incredibly self-conscious of your body, your every movement, angle and pose. Over …


Learning as a PEM Guide

I’m a research guide for PEM. While I don’t have specific art history or a fine arts background, I do like visiting museums and have really enjoyed researching a bibliography …

Jacky Au Duong 1

Meet hitchBOT

For those who are new to our hitchhiking robot hitchBOT, this project is about a little low-cost robot that we created to release into the world, hitchhiking on its own …

Left: Victoria oversees a staging rehearsal with baritone Matthew Worth, 11-year-old actor Annabelle Howard, and pianist Stephen Scarlato. Right: The same scene during tech rehearsal, transformed by lighting designer Mary Ellen, assistant lighting designer Colin Scott, scenic designer Courtney Nelson, and costume designer Nina Bova.

Behind the Scenes with Encounters Ensemble

Here at PEM, I’m an Executive Assistant in marketing, a job that entails wearing many hats: scheduling, PR, and contributing to social media (I manage @peabodyessex on Instagram). Recently, I’ve …