Cool chintz


Benton in 3-D


Tiny dancer

The internet loves a good cheeky-kid video: Toddlers imitating the pet dog, biting Charlie’s finger, or showing us how to really “Nae Nae.” I myself have spent an embarrassing amount …


Navigation in the age of Robinson Crusoe

As NPR reported in February, the US Navy wants to bring back the practice of celestial navigation, the antiquated art relying on complex calculations that has been handily replaced by …

North Carolina Museum of Art. Childe Hassam Appledore

On the trail of Childe Hassam

By Hal Weeks I’m a marine biologist, and came to Appledore Island and Shoals Marine Laboratory as a Cornell graduate student to conduct my field research. I’ve no background or …


Photographing a master

Auguste Rodin is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known French artists to grace PEM’s exhibition halls. Rodin’s sculptures come to life in our exhibition Rodin: Transforming Sculpture with …

Dinah and Frank

PEMcast: Episode 008.1

The same day that shortsighted city planners allowed New York’s Beaux-Arts style Penn Station to be demolished, the front page of the New York Times told of the impending demolition …

John Ward House

Living like it’s 1684

During my years living in Salem, I’ve noted that houses painted black here often date back to the 17th century. It just seems to be the way — with the …


My father, the painter

Their works in PEM’s Putnam Gallery represent two totally different styles and were created decades apart.  Still, gifted painters Leon Kroll and Will Barnet crossed paths in the 1950s and …


Museums for $400, Alex!

At the risk of revealing too many details about my personal life outside of the work place, I will admit to being an unabashed fan of the game show Jeopardy.  …

Sheila and Sam vintage

A 70-year odyssey of collecting

The story of Sheila and Sam Robbins’ collection begins in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where Sheila worked in one of the area’s grand hotels and Sam attended summer …