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Art and life


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What you might not know

Dan Monroe has been at the helm here since 1993 and has led the museum’s transformation from two small, venerable museums to one of the nation’s top fifteen or so …


Innovation conversation

I rejected the idea of getting a Roomba, years ago, when savvy folks began investing in the disk-shaped vacuum cleaner that scoots around your floors like a dust-bunny-sucking flying saucer. …


Thoughts and meditations

I recently attended a lecture at MIT. This is usually not a compelling way to start a blog post, except that in this case the lecture was given by this …


Women and technology

For museum professionals, Museums and the Web – an annual conference focusing on (you guessed it) the intersection between museums, audiences and technology – is an exciting opportunity to learn …

Heiltsuk Mask PEM

Art and life

I remember the exact time and place when Northwest Coast art and life came together for me – when I first truly understood just how integrated the two are for …

surfboard crop

In the flow

Ever since it arrived on the scene as part of the California Design  exhibition, I have been thinking about that happy-yellow beautifully streamlined surfboard on display in all of its …

Gallery interpreter Sarah Bossert puts food out for the finches in an overturned cymbal. Photo by Kathy Tarantola/PEM.

Bird keepers

With three pet parrots in the family, Sarah Bossert feels quite comfortable around birds. She’s also a professional photographer who uses her feathered friends in studio work, so she understands …


Seeking Avanti

I first spoke with Richard Vaux about nine months ago. In preparation for PEM’s presentation of the Los Angeles Museum of Art‘s California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way,  …

Slow art day

Seeing slowly

PEM is hosting Slow Art Day for the 5th consecutive year.  The theme for the 2014 event is “Worthy Vessels.” Worthy Vessels came about from my interest in exploring how …