Cool chintz


Benton in 3-D

Dinosaur 2

Thinking small

By Lucas Olson I’ve been fascinated by the tiny things in our big world ever since I was one of those tiny things myself. Dioramas and plastic army men often …


Art in the classroom

BY EVAN J. BERKOWITZ Editorial Intern “I have a confession to make,” says professor Julia Marshall, the renowned art education expert, seated recently in PEM’s Create Space art studios. “I …

Photo by John Andrews/Social Palates.

Making music beyond sound

By Keir GoGwilt Our title for the upcoming performances at PEM comes from an intuition that “sound” is sometimes overvalued as the meaningful content of music. It is not at …

Photo by Garth Huxtable

Saving Salem

At my New Orleans elementary school in seventh grade Mrs. Labouisse taught Louisiana history. She made us memorize all 64 parishes and taught us to write a research report. I …


Wonder of the Strandbeests

By Evan J. Berkowitz The 2,500 parking spaces at Crane Beach  in Ipswich are nearly full even a half-hour before PEM’s Strandbeest pop-up is set to begin. “It’s like Strandbeest …


Cool chintz

As the mercury has inched up on the thermometer in recent weeks, my wardrobe has consisted almost exclusively of breezy cotton garments. Not only are they cool to wear, but …

New England Editor

Gratitude for editors

My first experience with a real-life New England editor came in the summer of 1989 when I got an internship working as a reporter at a small daily newspaper in …

Treasures of the Indus - ep 1 - Pakistan Unveiled

Travels with the BBC

Imagine being blindfolded, hands tied behind your back and pushed to the ground by the barrel of a gun in the small of your back. I found myself held hostage …


Reflecting on summer at PEM

I have been back in Tucson for about 60 hours now. My travel day was intense — probably more stressful than the original road trip to the East Coast. Operating …