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Photo by Martine martine_malengret-bardosh
Photo by Martine martine_malengret-bardosh

PEMcast 002 — Makers

For this episode of the PEMcast, we focus on our new Maker Lounge and one of the most known makers in the world, kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen. Our Curator of …

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Pop-Up Parisian Picnic

The meetings started in bitterly cold January. The objective: coordinate in six month’s time a pop-up art installation involving hundreds of people and just as many portable tables, white table …

Hollywood 2

Behind the camera with Breitz

As a kid growing up in rural Southern Missouri, I took in a steady diet of Family Ties, The Facts of Life and Different Strokes. I remember, gathering in the …

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Poetic industry

What fun happenings fill Salem days, many of them created, supported or influenced by PEM. Think of June’s phenomenal singing by countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo, May’s captivating Massachusetts Poetry Festival …

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The playful season

The fine summer weather has finally arrived, and with it high spirits and the annual Education & Interpretation Department retreat.  Recently, we took advantage of a beautiful  Monday to investigate …

Salem Fire Factory Ruins, Boston Street

Honoring Great Salem Fire

On June 25, 1914, a fire alarm sounded at 1:37 p.m.  An explosion had occurred at the Korn Leather Factory on Boston Street in Blubber Hollow, the leather district in …

Elephant, 1945 (Carles and Ray Eames)

Elephant in the room

With every exhibition that goes on view, you develop a bit of an object crush; that one artwork that calls out above the rest and speaks to you personally. When …

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Working in the past

For Hidden in Plain Sight: The Furniture of Nathaniel Gould,  opening this Fall, we want to not only feature the fine furniture made in Gould’s shop, but also share some …

bride and groom

My path to PEM

It’s a question couples are asked all the time: how did you meet? I credit PEM with introducing us in 2009.  It was the first time that I had visited …