A peek at their beaks

Want to know what all the chirping is about?


The release of 70 Zebra Finches for the exhibition FreePort [No. 007]: Céleste Boursier-Mougenot. Photo by Walter Silver/PEM

Check out this little vignette by Chip Van Dyke, our media production manager. Then starting TOMORROW, come hear the immersive sonic experience that is  from here to ear. 

For a bit more, have a listen to this little snippet about our birds that ran on NPR’s All Things Considered and this piece that ran today on WBUR, Boston’ NPR station.


  1. Paul Barrett says:

    Visited yesterday with my family specifically to see the Céleste Boursier-Mougenot exhibit, but also to enjoy several other temporary exhibitions. I can’t believe that this exhibit is not subject to a timed entry process. When we arrived around 10:45 we were told there was a 2 hour wait to “see the birds.” We left at 2PM and at no time did the wait become less than 90 minutes. If we had waited in line, we would not have had the time to see the other exhibits, however if there was timed entry we could have arrived and browsed the rest of your wonderful museum while waiting (as could the other 100+ patrons in line – many with small children). Not sure what museum management was thinking but this situation is mind boggling to say the least, especially with all of the PR effort that went along with the opening. Very disappointed in PEM this visit.

  2. Dinah Cardin
    Dinah Cardin says:

    Hi Paul,

    We are considering timed tickets as an option for dealing with all the crowds. Sorry if you had a less than ideal visit. One young woman mentioned this weekend that her party took turns standing in line while the others went to see other exhibitions.

    Here are more tips for those who might be waiting:

    1. Arrive early! The shortest lines are at the start of the day.
    2. Bring a good book or peruse one of ours. We’ll have a handful of books available to help you pass the time.
    3. A tip from one of our guests — waiting in line is a great chance to clear your smartphone of old e-mails, messages, and photos.
    4. Follow us on Twitter (@peabodyessex) for updates on average wait times.
    5. Meet interesting people in the queue!

  3. L. O. says:

    Suggestion – Timed Tickets. I visited your museum this past Saturday, Jan. 18th, specifically to see the Impressionist exhibit. My elderly mother and I also wanted to see this “bird” exhibit. However, the wait was too long. As others have suggested, please consider timed tickets. I may return on Feb. 1st for the Lunar festival and would like to see this exhibit. Thanks. I also wanted to add that we were impressed with your museum and every staff member we interacted with was pleasant and helpful.

  4. Dinah Cardin
    Dinah Cardin says:

    Hello L.O!

    Thanks for the feedback! We are certainly discussing timed tickets and may have that system in place by the time you return on February 1.

    Happy to hear you had a good experience with our staff! We strive to be both of those things!

    Thanks so much for reading Connected!

  5. jill tapper says:

    Long time member. Very shocked and disappointed that such an enterprising and sophisticated organization can’t seem to come up with a workable plan to get folks in faster to the fabulous bird exhibit and have to wait so long in lines. Membership should have some benefits and perhaps an incentive for people to become members.
    I arrived this am @ 945 only to see over 75 students ushered in ahead of me. I was assured by John the group coordinator from the museum that I would not have a problem and I did not .

  6. Dinah Cardin
    Dinah Cardin says:

    Good news! This weekend, all can enjoy timed tickets to from ear to ear. Explore other galleries while you await your turn into the aviary for your 20-minute time slot. This should help!

  7. LO says:

    Thanks for Timed Tickets – Bird Exhibit: Dinah, I had written to you on Jan. 21st and you responded. Thanks for the timed tickets. I did return on Feb. 1st and was able to see the Bird exhibit and also enjoyed the Lunar activities. LO

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