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David Thibodeau

At PEM, David Thibodeau is the executive assistant to the chief marketing officer. He sits at the nexus of marketing and PR. At home, he is head chef, music director, video game historian and #1 Disney fan. Find him on twitter @tibbz24.


Building a tiny Strandbeest

Last week we shared details of Theo Jansen’s recent visit to PEM, as the Dutch artist prepares for his upcoming exhibition here. Jansen explained to us how his invented “lifeforms,” …

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Some of our favorite museums

When you really think about it, there are an astounding number of museums in New England. Massachusetts alone is home to more than 500 cultural institutions. That’s enough to make …

Performers Preparing for PEM PM - Free Form

Safety Dance

Working at an art museum has many perks. In the year since I started at PEM I’ve had the opportunity to meet artists, learn from curators and work with a …

Group of NextGen

NextGen PEM

There is a fundamental question that almost every business must ask itself with each changing of the generational guard. A question that is, on the surface, so simple that it …