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Dinah Cardin is Special Projects Writer at PEM and editor of PEM’s blog, Connected. She also co-produces and hosts the museum's podcast series. Before working at PEM, Dinah was a journalist, professor and founding editor at Art Throb Magazine. She loves her walkable commute to the museum and more walks with her dog.


Young collector

Gordon Wilkins was just two when he first wandered into a charming little bookstore that would play a big role in his life. When the budding reader and future curator …

Joel and Chip 1

PEMcast 008.2: Building Stories

In the last episode of the PEMcast, we explored an historic downtown Salem that almost wasn’t when the wrecking ball of urban renewal loomed over our little city in the …

Dinah and Frank

PEMcast: Episode 008.1

The same day that shortsighted city planners allowed New York’s Beaux-Arts style Penn Station to be demolished, the front page of the New York Times told of the impending demolition …

John Ward House

Living like it’s 1684

During my years living in Salem, I’ve noted that houses painted black here often date back to the 17th century. It just seems to be the way — with the …


My father, the painter

Their works in PEM’s Putnam Gallery represent two totally different styles and were created decades apart.  Still, gifted painters Leon Kroll and Will Barnet crossed paths in the 1950s and …

Sheila and Sam vintage

A 70-year odyssey of collecting

The story of Sheila and Sam Robbins’ collection begins in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where Sheila worked in one of the area’s grand hotels and Sam attended summer …


Stickwork turns 1

When artist Patrick Dougherty and a group volunteers created Stickwork on the lawn of our historic Crowninshield-Bentley House one year ago, passers by tried to guess what the structure most …

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons and Neil Leonard in Cuba during a trip to research the PEM exhibition. Courtesy photo.

Collaborators in every sense of the word

Inspired by Cuba and the history of the sugar trade, Alchemy of the Soul is a multimedia and multisensory installation that is a collaboration by Neil Leonard and Maria Magdalena …

A view of Plummer Hall in the Phillips Library, 1885. Courtesy photo

Library collection draws global visitors

For many years, people interested in tracing their genealogy sought out PEM’s Phillips Library to ply through birth certificates, news clippings and wedding announcements. Essex County is the most recorded …