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We have an array of perspectives to share. Frequently, we'll share posts by guest contributors from the PEM community and beyond.

Philip Glass (c) Anonymous

Philip Glass: Behind the music

By Richard Guérin When renowned cellist Matt Haimovitz delivers an intimate performance, the world premiere, of Partita No.2 for Solo Cello at PEM on June 22, the piece will have …


Magda at Montserrat

By Jo Broderick I’ve been at Montserrat College of Art for nearly three decades and always get excited this time of year – for spring, for graduation and to see …


Conservator behind the scenes

By: Maria João Petsica Chinese export pieces that feature the black lacquer and gold decoration are commonly designated as Canton lacquer in a clear association with the place from whence …

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Lunar inspiration

By Jess Haberman On a recent visit to the Peabody Essex Museum our local writers group was absolutely moonstruck. PEM hosted a meet-and-write for the Witch City Writers, and pens …

Converse lineup

If the shoe fits

One of the first things I notice about a person is their shoes. A wide variety of styles can be seen walking the streets of Salem or Boston. Everything from …

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Launching on Google

Growing up in a small west Texas town, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit many art museums — especially not those with extensive, impressive collections, located on the East …

Photo by PEM/ Bob Packert


By Julia Scherer-Hoock The word “philanthropy” is derived from the Greek word “philanthropia” with the prefix “philo” meaning love, and the suffix “anthropy” meaning humankind. Philanthropy, much like membership, brings …

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Words, words, words

By Jessica Jones As the second to last month of the year, November represents that last push to the finish. For students, it’s book-ended by midterms and finals. At this …


The log book as timekeeper

By Kate Wersan In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, captains and navigators, even those educated in the most cutting edge navigation practices, struggled to translate what they knew at …