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We have an array of perspectives to share. Frequently, we'll share posts by guest contributors from the PEM community and beyond.


A walking tour of PEM’s historic houses

I’m not an architecture enthusiast or an expert at historic house conservation. I’m also not from the area, so I don’t have a deep contextual understanding of Salem’s historic houses …

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Celia’s Salon

The Salem Athenæum’s current exhibit, Celia’s Salon is about Celia Thaxter’s informal arts colony on Appledore Island, ten miles off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  The exhibit displays books …

cloud sketching

Creative summer reading

As an acquiring editor for Quarry Books, part of the Quarto Publishing Group, the world’s leading publisher of illustrated reference books, my job is largely to have a new idea …


Crushing on historic houses

I didn’t grow up with fancy old architecture. I rarely saw it, out in the plains of South Dakota. As someone who came from a heritage where our homes, since …


Navigation in the age of Robinson Crusoe

As NPR reported in February, the US Navy wants to bring back the practice of celestial navigation, the antiquated art relying on complex calculations that has been handily replaced by …

North Carolina Museum of Art. Childe Hassam Appledore

On the trail of Childe Hassam

By Hal Weeks I’m a marine biologist, and came to Appledore Island and Shoals Marine Laboratory as a Cornell graduate student to conduct my field research. I’ve no background or …


Museums for $400, Alex!

At the risk of revealing too many details about my personal life outside of the work place, I will admit to being an unabashed fan of the game show Jeopardy.  …


Moving sculptures

PEM’s idea to enhance Rodin’s brilliant sculptural work by adding live performance to the experience of Rodin: Transforming Sculpture is a collaboration of the type that BoSoma Dance Company  has been promoting …

North Bennett School working on the Lye-Tapley Shoe Shop. Photo by Allison White.

Reconstructing the windows of history

The window sash restoration portion of the Preservation Carpentry curriculum at The North Bennet Street School has felt like a culmination of every skill I’ve learned since starting the program …