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Jim Olson is the director of Integrated Media at PEM, where he leads the team that conceptualizes and produces all in gallery interactives, web pages, and video and audio productions. He taught a course called Museums and New Media from 2007-2011 in the Tufts University Museum Studies Program and worked at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College for 12 years before joining PEM. He is a self-professed beer geek and makes noise with his acoustic guitar, but is getting better and hopes to call himself a musician some day.


Benton in 3-D

We like to tell stories at PEM. We tell stories about art and the people that make it. We tell stories about the works in exhibitions and how they relate …

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Follow me

I arrived at work the other day to the sound of fire engines and a chattering sea of people strewn about the sidewalk. ¬†As I approached the building, I quickly …


The epic journey of Van Go

This has been a long and cold winter. The calendar says it is spring and I am planning my annual trip to the Museums and the Web conference in just …