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Katie Theodoros

Katie Theodoros joined PEM as the Family Programs Coordinator in September 2012. After years of toiling away in a lonely printmaking studio and a brief stint working in academia, she entered the museum education world and the rest is history. She believes that kookiness is cool, community is crucial and creative expression is a human right. She likes kittens, puppies and most things that are purple.


Drawing inspiration

The way I feel about the Big Draw is sort of the way I felt about The New Kids on The Block circa 1989.  Well, minus the school-girl crushes.  Just …


Building the future

Many of our visitors are aware of the massive expansion project underway at PEM and have become accustom to noticing changes inside and outside the museum each time they visit. …

Paint Pouring 027

Paint play

When we see a work of art in a museum, it is usually a polished, carefully thought out finished product.  What we don’t see is the artist at play, the …