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Martine Malengret-Bardosh

As an individual who thrives on creativity, Martine Malengret-Bardosh found her niche as PEM's Student and Teachers Program Coordinator, collaborating with local schools to inspire students. When not looking at art indoors, Martine can often be found outdoors with her camera. Whether visiting her adventurous children overseas or exploring sandscapes on local beaches, Martine is always on the look out for her next photographic subject.


Rx: Creative boost for teachers

Face it.  It’s a tough life out there if you are a teacher these days. From ever-changing procedures and requirements to preparing students for state testing, it’s no wonder then …

White cloud

Cloud gazing

Imagine taking your first airplane flight on your own at the age of two- and-a-half as you head to reunite with your parents overseas.  Imagine further having to land offshore …

surfboard crop

In the flow

Ever since it arrived on the scene as part of the California Design  exhibition, I have been thinking about that happy-yellow beautifully streamlined surfboard on display in all of its …


Found beauty

The first philosophical encounter that challenged my concept of beauty was with a found object discovered on the street after a storm –- a discarded black umbrella, broken ribs askew, …


Journey beyond the frame

There are many ways to engage with a work of art. One can contemplate the aesthetics, context or techniques. If compelled, why not also allow one’s imagination to journey beyond …