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Meg Winikates

As Art & Nature Center Programs Coordinator, Meg Winikates oversees interdisciplinary, intergenerational fun inspired by our connections to the natural world. Before PEM, she worked at The Discovery Museums, the National Park Service and as a classroom teacher. When not planning future art explorations, Meg enjoys writing, scuba-diving and travel.


Leafing out with Joan Backes

Walking into Branching Out: Trees as Art  from the Atrium, I always have to stop for a few moments to enjoy the gentle twisting of Joan Backes’ “Falling Leaves” installation.  …

simard video still

Flash fiction: Biofeedback

Were you a tree climber as a kid?  I certainly was, and I had a favorite tree in the backyard, a hemlock with nice easy branches and a decent perch …

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The playful season

The fine summer weather has finally arrived, and with it high spirits and the annual Education & Interpretation Department retreat.  Recently, we took advantage of a beautiful  Monday to investigate …


A fine, furry welcome

The opening of the new and improved Art & Nature Center is just around the corner on Oct. 19. Visible signs of progress are adding up every day.  I’m always …

darkling beetle from paint

Painting with bugs

As the opening of the museum’s Art & Nature Center swiftly approaches and the featured exhibition Beyond Human: Artist-Animal Collaborations, which opens Oct. 19, I have been having a lot of …

wonton by lee wardlaw

On my bookshelf

I love museums, but I probably love books even more. Fortunately having a job in one gives me lots of excuses to dive into the other.  I’m always on the …

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Kid tested, guest approved

If you’ve visited PEM on a Sunday afternoon, you may have caught sight of me, walking backwards through the Atrium, storybook in hand, trailing a parade of kids on the …