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Victoria Glazomitsky

As Special Projects Manager for the CEO, Victoria Glazomitsky manages projects that do not neatly fit into any one area of the organization, including PEM’s expansion, organizational strategies and programmatic initiatives. Prior to her appointment at PEM, Victoria was the Strategic Planning Project Manager at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, where she oversaw strategic, business and programmatic planning. She is originally from Russia and, in addition to art, she loves literature, hosting dinner parties and traveling the world.

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Culture…by the numbers

Editor’s Note: Everyone knows that creativity is fueling local economies. (This recent Boston Globe article on how Somerville came to be hip tells this story.) As the November 4 elections …


Seattle time

Along with several of my colleagues from PEM, I recently had the opportunity to attend the American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting in Seattle. While it is difficult to boil …


What you might not know

Dan Monroe has been at the helm here since 1993 and has led the museum’s transformation from two small, venerable museums to one of the nation’s top fifteen or so …


Thoughts and meditations

I recently attended a lecture at MIT. This is usually not a compelling way to start a blog post, except that in this case the lecture was given by this …

Rachael Chong

Millennial impact

The folks who have been putting together the Millennial Impact Report for the past four years – check out the 2012 report for pithy statistics and fun graphics — recently …