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As PEM’s Director of Communications, Whitney Van Dyke conducts publicity campaigns for the museum’s busy roster of exhibitions and programming. Prior to PEM, she worked at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. When she’s not promoting the arts, Whitney loves exploring the North Shore on horseback. Follow @whitvd on Instagram.


Brain matters

Museums excel at providing stimulating visual, intellectual and emotional experiences. But do we really know what’s going on inside the visitor’s mind? If we did, could we design even more …

Mantle with shells detail2

Shell shocked

Eliza’s room faces East and overlooks a corner of the garden. In the morning the small bedroom catches and magnifies sunlight spectacularly. The dresser mirror, starched white bed linens and …

A freight elevator transports you up to 'Alchemy of the Soul'.

Found in translation

Perched on sugar sacks and leaning against the metal walls, a small group of us are riding up the museum’s freight elevator. It’s a space that’s been creatively re-imagined as …


Now trending: #HistoricHouseCrush

“Turn fresh eyes on old buildings.” That was the call to action for some 20 photographers who are experts on the social media platform Instagram. They joined us for a …

empress 3

Return of the empresses

Sublime piles of snow, menacing icicles and that wan winter light. In the middle of New England’s most challenging season, our curator of Chinese art, Daisy Wang, has a perfect …


Early bird catches the beest

It’s 6 am in Miami Beach and while most of the city’s revelers are fast asleep (or are just hitting the hay), the PEM team is up and at ‘em. …


Strandbeests land in Miami

Glum security guards, harried travelers and all that classic hurry up and wait. None of this airport rigamarole is going to dampen my spirits. Nope, not a chance. It’s Sunday …

Elephant, 1945 (Carles and Ray Eames)

Elephant in the room

With every exhibition that goes on view, you develop a bit of an object crush; that one artwork that calls out above the rest and speaks to you personally. When …

Robert Rauschenberg (American, 1925-2008). Canyon, 1959. Combine painting. 220.3 x 177.8 x 61 cm (86 3/4 x 70 x 24 in.). Sonnabend Collection, New York.
© Robert Rauschenberg / Adagp, Paris, 2006 | Image courtesy:

Transfixed at the museum

Twenty years ago at the Baltimore Museum of Art, I was standing before Robert Rauschenberg’s Canyon (1959).  I had no idea who Robert Rauschenberg was at the time but I …