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Right about now, with the holidays a little less than two weeks away, I’m feeling pretty festive. My condo is full of trees and lights, and I’m wishing for about a foot of snow on the ground. I’ve been consuming a lot of hot chocolate, decorating cookies by the dozen, and the holiday film binge is in full force thanks to ABC Family, Lifetime, AMC and my own DVD collection.

 I set out recently to check in on my some of my coworkers, and see what puts them in the festive mood.


Elisabeth Manzi, collection specialist

It’s a Wonderful Life

“Not only does this movie tell a great story, but watching it always makes me so thankful and happy. It’s a good reminder of all the things that are really important in life and easy to forget. Plus, it’s endlessly quotable.”


Adam Brooks, assistant registrar for the permanent collection

Christmas Vacation (National Lampoon)

“I don’t do that cheesy stuff, give me Chevy Chase.”

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Karen Moreau Ceballos, exhibition design manager

A Christmas Story

“I never get tired of watching Santa boot that kid down the slide.”



Kevin Hudson, security lead supervisor

A Charlie Brown Christmas

“I have many great childhood memories of watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with my mother, and now as an adult I fully intend to pass it down to my family.”

bright mic b

Mic Billingsley, exhibition design coordinator


“It’s the classic redemption story AND stars Bill Murray! What more could you ask for?”



Karina Corrigan, curator of Asian export art

The Hunt for Red October

“Nothing says the holidays to me like a snowy night, a warm fire, a handful of loved ones and The Hunt for Red October.”

(A great example of a curator thinking way outside the box)

brigth dave o

As for myself, Dave O’Ryan, collection specialist

Home Alone

Three reasons:

A. I’m still impressed with Kevin’s resourcefulness every time I see it.

2. I applaud Marv’s commitment to creating a lasting legacy for the Wet Bandits

D. “Keep the change, ya’ filthy animal”

home alone imdb

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  1. Caryn M. Boehm
    Caryn Boehm says:

    It’s almost impossible to pick just one favorite, but I’m pretty partial to the Muppets — both the Muppet Christmas Carol (“light the lamp, not the rat!”) and the Muppet Family Christmas (just read through the goldmine that is the quotes page on IMDB:

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