PEMcast 009: The Winter Caretaker

This is a short bonus episode before we say goodbye to 2016. It’s an outtake from an episode I was developing in response to our big summer impressionist painting exhibition about Childe Hassam and the Isles of Shoals. It involved me trekking out to the islands and exploring Hassam’s favorite painting spots and interviewing people who work there.

Listen to a clip from this abandoned PEMcast story

Trying to follow in Hassam's footsteps was as tricky as it looks.

Trying to follow in Hassam’s footsteps was as tricky as it looks.

It never came together before the exhibition closed. It happens. However there was one recording I made with artist, Alex de Steiguer, that I just couldn’t let go of. (Some of Alex’s photography was featured in the Hassam show)

If you’ve read her Connected post from early 2016, you’ll know that Alex is not only a talented photographer, but also Star Island’s winter caretaker. Star Island is one of the 9 small islands off the coast of NH that make up the Isles of Shoals.

© 2016 Alexandra de Steiguer

© 2016 Alexandra de Steiguer

If you want to find out where Alex will be showing her work next, take a look at her “Showing” page.

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Footage from a recent storm on Star Island. Wow!

Raro Bueno by Chuzausen [CC BY-NC-SA 3.0]
Strata by Moby

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