Put a bird on it

What a treat!  We have the best medicine for those suffering from the malaise named “Where in the World is spring”?  It is, of course, all thanks to a talented artist.


A few years ago, Alyssa Watters came to work at the Peabody Essex Museum Shop as an intern in the resourceful Museum Action Corp program. Alyssa, already a talented artist, was studying at Montserrat College of Art. Her ability to capture nature with acrylic paint is remarkable and refreshing.

When Alyssa graduated, she set up her own business. But she didn’t leave us. We have been able to carry her wonderful work on an assortment of products in the PEM shop.  To many folks, Alyssa is the “Bird Lady” because she produced a 2014 poster-sized calendar of New England birds that was on display in the glass vitrine by the shop. Based on our sales, this calendar is in many homes in the area.

finch artist with wares

Alyssa Watters in the PEM Shop with some of her work.

When the exhibition From Hear to Ear opened, our friends and customers were enchanted.  And they came into the shop wanting images of the zebra finches.  Alyssa to the rescue!  Inspired by the exhibition, she created four paintings of zebra finches. From those original pieces we now have a full range of brilliant prints, note cards, coasters and other products. A bird in hand, especially one of Alyssa’s, is worth many more than two in the bush!

finch shop items

Editor’s Note:

For more of Alyssa’s beautiful work, visit her website.

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